Russ Repard's love of farming was nurtured on the farm he grew up on. Russ's parents purchased the farm when he was just 2 years old. From a young boy, he knew that he would one day own and operate this farm. That dream became a reality when Russ bought the farm from his parents in 1988. Initially, Russ farmed on the side while working full time. But in 2010 he was fortunate enough to start devoting all of his energy to grass fed beef farming.
Russ's decision to pursue all natural grass fed beef farming came out of a passion to offer a healthier beef choice to customers. Many friends and acquaintances were asking for a healthy beef alternative. Russ did some research and learned that most factory farms grain feed their cattle to fatten them up quickly so they could be sent to market quickly. But, Russ learned that grain is not a natural food source and is difficult for beef cattle to digest. Repard Farms is proud to offer all natural grass fed beef that is heart healthy, lean and high in omega 3s.
In December 2012, Repard Farms and Chicory Farm , a goat milk soap business formed a new relationship. Sara Turnbull and Steve Lester, owners of Chicory Farm, purchased the homestead on the main farm. They proceeded to completely renovate the farm house. They moved into their beautifully restored home in July 2016. We enjoy having the goats and cows share the farm!

Russ enjoys spending time with his family in his spare time. Russ and Amy have been married for 36 years. Their 2 children, Roger and Rachel grew up helping on the farm. Roger is now married to Sarah and they have a family of their own. The grandchildren enjoy visiting the farm. Rachel is married to Jason and they live in Boston. Rachel and Jason enjoy coming back home and their first request when they visit is to indulge in some Repard Farms All Natural Grass Fed Beef!