Thawing your grass fed beef:

  • Do not use microwave to thaw - use refrigerator instead
  • To quickly thaw your beef, place your vacuum sealed package in water for a few minutes

Prepping your grass fed beef:

  • Do not start cooking straight from the refrigerator
  • Bring your meat to room temperature before cooking
  • Do not use a fork in prep or in cooking
  • Helps to preserve the juices due to the very low fat content
  • Use extra virgin olive oil to coat meat
  • Helps to prevent drying and sticking
Cooking your grass fed beef:

  • Cook slowly and at reduced temperatures
    • Helps to prevent your meat becoming tough
  • Let the beef sit in a warm place for 10 minutes before serving
    • Helps the juices to redistribute
  • Most importantly, do not overcook
    • Overcooking will cause your beef to become tough

For more cooking tips check out this link:

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